Saturday, November 28, 2009

Proofing Destination Saigon: Adventures in Vietnam

An update:

- the final (final) proofs being checked this weekend to be returned to Allen & Unwin the coming Monday.

- official website has just had a revamped

Monday, October 12, 2009

Destination Saigon to be sold at Frankfurt Book Fair 2009

It was so exciting to see Destination Saigon: Adventures in Vietnam included in the publisher's catalogue for the Frankfurt Book Fair this year.  It was all a rush to make sure it was included in Allen & Unwin's catalogue for the Fair.  Destionation Saigon was only one of nine non-fiction books they're taking to Frankfurt.  It's so amazing to see Walter Mason's book included in the same catalogue as Christos Tsiolkas, Clive Hamilton, Stephanie Dowrick, Armando Percuoco and David Dale.

The Fair goes for 4 days and starts 14th October 2009.

A&U hold the worldwide rights to Destination Saigon: Adventures in Vietnam, by Walter Mason which will be published in Australia in March 2010.   They've been incredibly supportive of Walter and amazingly great at promoting his book

I think everyone has great hopes for it, good luck Walter!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Destination Saigon a book by Walter Mason out March 2010

Adventures in Vietnam
Allen & Unwin
Walter Mason

A personal insight into one of the world’s most popular travel destinations.

This funny, fascinating travelogue is the perfect book for travellers wanting to know more about the people and places they’re about to visit. With Walter’s distinctive voice, knowledge and wicked sense of humour, the sacred and profane meet in a riotous celebration of a remarkable and resilient nation which has become a great tourist destination.

Walter Mason has spent the last fifteen years madly in love with Vietnam. In that time he has made numerous trips to the country, and he has seen the country undergo huge changes. In Destination Saigon, he shares many of the bewildering, frequently funny cultural complexities that face any visitor to Vietnam, and at the same time provides a rare insight into Vietnam’s rich culture.

Travelling to the little-known south-western provinces where the last vestiges of Khmer life is to be found; to far-flung villages where he is imprisoned, and caught up in local wedding celebrations; to experience the Cao Dai religion, made famous in Graham Greene’s The Quiet American, where Charlie Chaplin and Victor Hugo are worshipped as saints; these are just some of the adventures Walter will share.

Walter Mason has several blogs, gives regular talks and has a strong feel for popular taste in travel writing.

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