Monday, June 6, 2011

52 Suburbs

I've been delighted to see the great success of the new Sydney photo-book 52 Suburbs.

I keep seeing it prominently displayed in every bookshop I go into and the book and its creator have received heaps of press coverage. It is also an exhibition at the Museum of Sydney.
I feel some ownership of this book because I have been following Louise Hawson's wonderful blog from very early on in the piece. I am so glad there is a publisher brave and smart enough to see the commercial potential of such a project - it is very difficult indeed to have a full-colour photo-book published in Australia.
Louise Hawson's photographic journey through suburban Sydney is just extraordinary, and serves as the most wonderful tribute to this incredibly diverse city. And of course, she includes my own suburb, Cabramatta.
So, as a kind of tribute to Louise and to 52 Suburbs, here are a few of my own little postcards of Cabramatta life.

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