Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Blogcrawl

Yesterday we celebrated the Moon Festival in Cabramatta. Sure, it was a little early, but it was lots of fun, and was just about the closest I was going to get to Vietnam without getting on a plane. Here are some items from the net that will help bring you that one step closer:


  1. Hi Walter! Just stumbled across your blog after researching Quan The Am. I have no idea why I never discovered your blog or book earlier but it's great that I've found it now.

    I heard about MGM building a casino in Vietnam but I thought that was all hearsay until I saw official ads for it at Youtube. I'm actually quite surprised and to be honest, I don't know if I like the idea of having a casino for 'foreigners only'...but I guess that's Vietnam =\

  2. Island - it's a ridiculous situation, isn't it? And then Saigon gamblers get into a bus and head over the border to use the casinos in Cambodia that are for foreigners only.
    It's all a crazy kind of paternalism which is about appearances only.
    And as if illegal gambling doesn't occur everywhere in Vietnam!
    Blessings of Quan The Am upon you.


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