Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Destination Saigon available for pre-sale NOW!

That's right folks!
Though not in stores yet, most places by now have Destination Saigon listed on their systems and available for pre-sale. If you place your orders now, you'll get it the minute it is released.

Some of the on-line bookstores where you can pre-order it:

The Book Abyss
Adyar Bookshop
Shearers Bookshop

Or you can pre-order by phone at:

Better Read Than Dead
Mary Who? Bookshop, Townsville
Books Plus, Bathurst
TLC Books, Qld
Lindfield Bookshop

And, naturally, wherever good books are sold.
It should hit the shelves in the next week or two! The countdown begins!

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