Friday, February 26, 2010

Destination Saigon on ABC Classic FM

Yesterday I had the very great privilege to feature on the Morning Interview on ABC Classic FM, talking about Destination Saigon.
It was an incredible experience - quite possibly the most intense interview experience an author could have, and here I am so inexperienced. I feel like I could do anything now. Am I giving away too much when I tell you that I had to pee about 20 times before the interview started? I was a nervous wreck, I don't mind saying.
Margaret Throsby is away, so instead I was interviewed by the gorgeous Joe Gelonesi, who was warm and friendly and seemed genuinely to love the book, which was a plus.
The format of the show (in case you haven't heard it yet!) is a one-hour interview interspersed with music selected by me. Well let me tell you, the selection of that music was about three weeks full-time work for me - a truly daunting task. Anyway, I ended up with a playlist of impossibly camp old songs, so I probably shouldn't have devoted such time to the selection process!
An hour is a long time to fill on radio, and I really don't know how I did it, but when I listened to the finished product yesterday I was really pleased with it - it was fun, light-hearted and moderately interesting.
If you listen to it on the ABC Classic FM website here in the next couple of weeks you can hear the entire show, complete with music. The podcast will just be the interview.
Hope you enjoy!

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