Saturday, January 7, 2012

Le Quyen - Mưa Nửa Đêm

Le Quyen is a popular young singer in Vietnam.
In 2010 she released a beautiful album called Khuc Tinh Xua in which she sings old-fashioned village songs.

Such nostalgia is rare among Vietnamese pop stars, but it is the most exquisite album, and one that would have great appeal amongst the Vietnamese diaspora all over the world.
It's probably going to be hard to get in the Vietnamese areas of Australia or America, where CDs of artists from Vietnam are normally not stocked.
But if you're in Vietnam, grab a copy of this lovely CD for a nice, updated introduction to some of the more traditional sounds of Vietnam.
Here are a couple of tracks from the album:


  1. Absolutely one of my favourite CDs of all time. Can't wait to see her perform in Calgary in 2 weeks!!

  2. Anonymous - can you please tell me, does Le Quyen live in Vietnam, the States or Canada?

  3. She lives in Vietnam.

  4. Love the distinct voice of LQ from the North sings country music.

  5. Beautiful voice and so strong.


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