Monday, June 7, 2010

Another Vietnamese Language Interview!

I have been really blown away by how many Vietnamese-Australians have contacted me praising Destination Saigon. It is unexpected and humbling.
Even more humbling are the interviews I have conducted in Vietnamese!
The debonair Quang Luu interviewed me for Voice of America's Vietnamese language program, but he was kind and did most of it in English, with me showing off occasionally in Viet. More gruelling was the long interview I did with SBS Radio's Vietnamese-language show. Fortunately it was pre-recorded, and the talented broadcaster edited it in such a way that I sounded fluent and clever. I am neither.
Just last week I did an interview in Cabramatta with the handsome and charming Martin Le for 2GLF's Vietnamese language show. Martin was a little more brutal (and he speaks REALLY quickly), so I fear that I might come across as less-than articulate in the interview. In the end I fell on my sword and begged to answer the final questions in English - which he gallantly allowed me to do.

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