Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What I Wish I knew About Love

I don't think I'm giving too much away when I tell my readers that I'm a little portly. Built for comfort, avoirdupois, solid, a big man, call it what you will, I still find it hard to buy pants.
It wasn't awlays so. And in two short weeks documentary evidence of my previously slender self will be appearing in Marty Wilson's wonderful new book What I Wish I Knew About Love.
Anyone who has read Marty's previous book What I Wish I knew at 18 will be familiar with the format. The book is filled with photos of the prominent, the talented and the otherwise interesting taken when they were 18 years of age. Next to these fascinating (and frequently embarrassing) photos is a page of reflections on what they wish they had known about life at that tender age.
Being a part of the book was a lovely process, as Marty nudged my always nostalgic mind down the pathways of love and romance, and I recalled how very tormented I was about such matters at the age of 18!
The book will be available in April, and I encourage you to rush out and get it, if only to see how very pretty Walter Mason was at that age!

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  1. Bought 'What I wish I knew about love' for my sister's 21st today - she cried after reading some of it and it's $19.95 in Borders Bookstore (Australia) for anyone who's interested in purchasing it :)


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