Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Herald Sun, Melbourne - Destination Saigon Review

Destination Saigon
By Walter Mason
Allen & Unwin
(Melbourne) Herald Sun, Saturday 6th March 2010

Those lucky enough to travel to beautiful Vietnam will readily relate to many of Mason's observations.  But it is his immersion into the culture, thanks to a Vietnamese partner, that provides some amusing anecdotes.  He finds himself well off the tourist track and attending various celebrations such as weddings.  Overweight, Mason is refresingly self deprecating as he relates stories of being ribbed when he goes to cafes because of his size.  He tells of one visit when a plastic chair collapsed under him.  On subsequent visits staff made much of piling plastic chairs on top of each other so they were strong enough to support him.  Some stories are funnier than others, but on the whole an entertaining insight. C. Hearney.

Verdict: colourful

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