Thursday, March 18, 2010

Destination Saigon in the Shops

As a first-time author, probably one of the most thrilling events is to walk into a shop and see your book on the shelves. Oh, the heaven! I just want to shout, to grab the person next to me and say "That's by me - see, we have the same name. Do you want to see my ID?" Or I want to take a copy off the shelf and walk up to the shop assistant and say "I'm the author of this book, how's it selling?"
I don't do the latter because I was myself a bookseller for many years, and it was the kind of things authors frequently did, and it was not endearing.
So I quietly smile to myself and surreptitiously take some snaps of the happy event with my phone. It still hasn't gotten old.
Of course, I have friends in the bookselling world, and they have been so wonderful, selling my book like crazy and doing everything they can to turn it into the wild success it has become.
Over at Better Read Than Dead they have made it their book of the month, with a front window and posters, no less!
And my old friends and colleagues at Adyar have constructed a little Destination Saigon shrine. Next time I come in I'm going to offer some incense and flowers.

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